How to read the label on the bottle ?
1 - The appellation “CHAMPAGNE” in bold letters
2 - The brand name 
The registration number given by the “Comite Interprofessionnel des Vins de Champagne” preceded by the letter describing the category which the wine grower belongs to, or indicating if the wine is sold by a buyer.Champagne du Rédempteur is 
RM : Récoltant-Manipulant - 
The wine grower works his own vineyards and produces his own wine and uses his own grapes.
4The name of the producer or the corporate name, the location of the producer and the word “France”.
5The capacity of the bottle.
6The alcohol content
7The sugar content: Brut, Sec or Demi-Sec.Other information can be printed:- Vintage wine (if applicable).- Characteristics of the Champagne, such as “Blanc de Blancs” or “Rosé”.